Current Projects

Cast Iron/Galvanized Replacement
Replacement of the cast iron and galvanized water lines in the DWMF system is underway.  DWMF’s Internal Replacement Plan and Phase I have already begun construction.  Awarded to Brockwell Construction, Phase 1 consists of replacing lines on Valley Home Road and Plainview Drive.  Phase 2, the much larger scale project, is in the design process.  Use the following link to view a map of the construction phases.  Also on the map are the locations of customer concerns documented with water discoloration. 

Internal Replacement Plan

  • W Main Street from Evans Lane-Completed
  • Circle Drive-Completed
  • Carson Street-Completed
  • Elliott Ferry-Completed
  • Shady Street-In progress
  • Fairview Drive-In progress
  • Hilltop Road
  • Lakeshore Drive at Sugar fork to Garrett Road Intersection
  • W Main Street at Cedar Lane Intersection
  • Green Lee Street
  • McSpadden Road

DWMF Construction Phases

Most Recently Completed Improvements Projects

Ice Pigging
Ice Pigging was performed by a contractor in December 2016.  This procedure is an alternative to flushing mains, especially mains that might be causing issues with discolored water.  Ice Pigging is a technique that is more effective than flushing in removing particles and sediments from pipe walls.  Ice slurry is pumped through a section of main to “clean” it.

KUB Waterline Extension
This project consists of a water supply line extension, consisting of over 55,000 feet of 12-inch water line connecting the DWMF to KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board).  The contract was awarded to Design & Construction Services Incorporated (DCSI) and was completed in 2016.

Main Street Waterline Replacement
This project consisted of replacement of over 1,400 feet of 6-inch waterline that occurred prior to the TDOT pavement resurfacing.

2009 RUS Waterline Replacements
This project included waterline replacements in the following areas:

  • Hillview Drive
  • Academy Street
  • Banner Street
  • Alley Road
  • Hopewell Street
  • Gay Street
  • Mill Street
  • Spring Street
  • Hammer Road
  • Hillside Drive
  • Portions of Highway 92

Hill Street Waterline Replacement
This project consisted of replacement of approximately 1,480 feet of water line.