Below is a list of Dandridge Water Management Facility’s recent sewer system improvement projects:

CDBG I/I Sewer Rehabilitation Project
This project completed the design phase and scheduled to be bid in 2015.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Expansion
This project included the expansion from 0.4 MGD treatment to 0.9 MGD treatment.  During 2009 DWMF solicited an equipment bid based upon an oxidation ditch design and allowed alternative equipment package proposals.  After bid opening, the bid was awarded to an alternative design by low bidder Aero-Mod.  Through this selection, DWMF realized over a $1,000,000 savings.

In addition to the Aero-Mod design and equipment package, DWMF awarded the construction to Design & Construction Services Incorporated (DCSI). Construction consisted of the treatment plant, laboratory building, sludge press building, repaving and extended paving on site, fencing and renovation of the main office building.

Completed in March 2012, the WWTP Expansion has provided reliable treatment.

Milldale/Dumplin Creek Sewer Line Extensions
This project included sewer service extension to the following areas:

  • Milldale Road
  • Cherokee Drive
  • Rabbit Run
  • Cline Road
  • Dumplin Valley Road
  • Price Road

Construction by Trent Excavating, LLC. was completed in October of 2011.