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Serving the Town of Dandridge since 1930, Dandridge Water Management Facility (DWMF) operates and maintains facilities, which provide Dandridge with safe drinking water and treatment of its wastewater.  DWMF obtains water from the Jefferson City Water Department and Newport Utilities Board.  DWMF maintains the collection and distribution systems, treats wastewater for the citizens of the Town of Dandridge and operates a state certified bacteriological laboratory.

Discolored Water Concerns

While 95% of our customers aren’t experiencing any discolored water issues, we understand that several of you are.  Of the customers experiencing issues, the majority of those issues are due to galvanized plumbing in your homes.  DWMF has some cast iron and galvanized plumbing in our system as well, which is attributing to the discoloration in a few areas.

What are we doing to help alleviate the issue?  In addition to flushing our mains, we have allowed and encouraged customers, who have called in with concerns and received approval, to flush inside their homes; we are adjusting the water bills to average usage so that you are not bearing the cost for the flushing.  As a long-term aid, we have formulated a Replacement Plan to rid all galvanized and cast iron pipe in our system. (The map to the right shows the Replacement Plan.)    Phase I of the plan was completed in October 2017. Phase II, the much larger scale project, opened bids on December 5, 2017.  The bid tabulation and recommendation will be presented to Town Council and will be awarded on December 12, 2017.  DWMF internal replacement is already in progress.  Also on the map are the locations of customer concerns documented with water discoloration.

For more information, please look at Discolored Water section of our website.


A crew is mobilizing to repair a leak at the intersection of East Meeting Street and Patterson Street. ... See MoreSee Less

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In order to minimize the impact to customers, the majority of flushing at fire hydrants in town have been moved to the hours of 12 am-4:30 am. We are grateful for employees like Marty Hall, who work hard to provide the best service possible. ... See MoreSee Less

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